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Make The Switch To Winter Wiper Blades This Season

Winter is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be extremely dangerous if you must prepare, especially if you’re traveling. While all cars are equipped for winter weather, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your vehicle will continue to operate in wintry conditions. Winter wiper blades are designed to withstand the snowy elements and are important for ensuring your safety and maintaining your vehicle’s health. Here, Doug Yates Towing & Recovery discusses wiper blades and why you should invest today for the colder season ahead.

Wiper Blades Maintenance

The most important thing to remember regarding windshield wipers is to keep them clean. It’s also important that they are replaced regularly. If you notice that your wipers are streaking across the windshield, they need to be replaced. You should also ensure they are properly lubricated to move smoothly across the glass.

Suppose you live in an area where it snows or rains frequently. You should invest in winter wiper blades. They will help prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your windows and causing driver visibility problems. If you have visibility problems in the winter, you can slide on ice or snow and get into an accident. Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, reach out to Doug Yates Towing & Recovery immediately by searching for a towing service near me. Our towing company understands how weather can wreak havoc, and our top priority is our customers’ safety. 

When it comes to maintaining your windshield wipers, there are three main things you should do:

  • Keep them clean. Dirt and debris build up quickly on the surface of your windshield wipers, which can cause them to wear out faster than normal. Regularly check your windshield wipers for dirt buildup and clean them off with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Check the rubber seals around the edges of the wiper blades. These seals help keep water from leaking into your vehicle during use and should not be damaged or cracked. If they are damaged or cracked, replace them immediately to avoid damaging other parts of your vehicle due to leaking water!

Types of Windshield Wiper Blades

There are two types of wiper blades available: beam and parallel. Beam blades feature two hinges, while parallel blade designs have a single hinge. Both types have their benefits, but most experts recommend using a single hinge wiper because it provides better visibility than beam versions.

Beam Wipers

These traditional windshield wipers are made up of a single piece of rubber that moves back and forth across your windshield to clear off snow, sleet, or other debris from your windshield. The moving part is called a “beam,” which sits inside a metal frame attached to your car’s chassis. Beam wipers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the make and model of your car. They also come in either straight or curved designs for vehicles such as trucks or SUVs.

Winter Wipers

Winter Wiper Blades are specially designed to provide the best visibility during the snowiest days of the year. They are constructed with a sturdy frame and a single moving part, making them perfect for winter weather.

Winter Wipers come with various features that make them ideal for use during the winter months. They have a sturdy frame built to last through icy roads and heavy snowfall. They also feature a single moving part that ensures they won’t freeze up or malfunction while you’re driving in inclement weather conditions.

These wiper blades are designed specifically for winter weather, which means they can handle everything from ice and snow to rain and sleet without having any issues. If you want to ensure your safety on the road this season, then consider switching over to Winter Wipers today!

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What are the Benefits of Winter Wiper Blades

Winter Wiper Blades are the Best Choice for Winter Driving

Winter is a time for many things, but it’s never a time to skimp on your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Most drivers know that their blades need to be changed every six months or so, and most do so before winter arrives, but they don’t think about how important these small pieces of plastic are during the colder months.

Winter Wiper Blades Are Made For Cold Weather Conditions

The main difference between standard and winter wiper blades is that they’re made especially for cold weather conditions. They have a stronger frame that can withstand the snow and ice accumulating on your car’s windshield during winter. They also have better rubber compounds than standard wipers, so they won’t crack when temperatures drop below freezing.

Winter Wipers Are More Visible At Night

Another benefit of winter wipers is that they’re more visible at night than standard blades because they reflect light better than other types of wipers do. This means that you’ll be safer driving at night because you’ll be able to see your surroundings much easier than with regular wiper blades.

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Why not take advantage of improved wiper blades during the winter season? Winter wiper blades are specially designed to enhance snow and ice removal further. The standard blade has a three-part design. However, winter blades have one moving part fused together, similar to the monolithic design used in bladed de-icing products. This focuses less water on the windshield, thus reducing the icing of the windshield when used in light rain or moderate snowfall conditions.

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