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Heavy Equipment Hauling

The “Heavy Haul Division” of Doug Yates Towing & Recovery, LLC is the leader in the Chattanooga area for transporting heavy equipment hauling and light off-road construction equipment. We specialize in hauling equipment and transportation needs for rental and construction companies. Everything from a 6,000-pound scissor lift to 100,000-pound oversize loads.

Our heavy haul team of experienced trucking professionals will get your equipment loaded, transported, and delivered to your destination in a secure and timely manner, ensuring the safety of the equipment and those around it.

Heavy Equipment Hauling Fleet

Our fleet can handle construction equipment, RVs, construction tools, rigs, heavy machinery, earth-moving equipment, and anything in between.

Our Heavy Equipment Hauling Services Include:

  • Air Cushion Lifting
  • Uprighting Services
  • Overturned Vehicle Recovery
  • Bull Dozer Transport
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Hauling
  • And more!
Heavy Equipment Hauling Service | Doug Yates Towing
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With a fleet our size we are known for our quick response times, with little or no heads up we are at your service 24 Hrs a day. With our annual permits on hand for Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama there is no need to wait for permits when you use Doug Yates Towing. All other states, we turn most permits within 24 hours.



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