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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Car | Doug Yates Towing

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Car

With the spring season officially underway, many are inspired to spring clean and declutter all facets of their lives, including homes, wardrobes and even outdoor landscaping. The start of a new season, especially spring, offers a fresh start as the world reawakens from its winter hibernation. Although often overlooked, your car can also benefit from a good spring cleaning to help keep it looking and running its best through the warmer months. Here Doug Yates Towing & Recovery discusses tips to help spruce up your car this spring.

Spring Cleaning | Yates Wrecker

Drive Into Spring Refreshed With These Top Three Car Cleaning Tips

Freshen-up Interior Surfaces

Bring that new car smell back to the inside of your vehicle by first removing all trash so you have a clutter-free space to work with. Next, gently brush and vacuum all interior surfaces. A fine-bristled brush will remove any dust and dirt on ventilation areas, buttons and seat cushions. Vacuum to completely remove all dirt and debris loosened by the brush.

The same process can also be done on the floor mats and carpet in your car, using a stiff brush to loosen dirt from the carpet fibers followed by a quick vacuum. A mild cleaning spray and microfiber cloth can be used to wipe down the dash and plastic surfaces once all of the major debris is removed, while a leather cleaner should be used to wipe down any leather interior.

Once the interior is fresh and clean, organize the necessary items kept in your car in their respective and safe storage areas, keeping in mind any loose items could become dangerous projectiles in the event of an accident. Top it all off with an air freshener in your favorite spring scent!

Revive Exterior Shine

Hand-wash the exterior of your car with a delicate and dedicated car-wash soap and a clean, natural sponge so as not to damage your car’s paint or finish. Wash your car from top to bottom and use a stiff brush to remove any tough dirt and grime that is lodged in your tires. Do not let your car air dry when finished, instead, dry your car with a clean towel.

Finish it off by using one of three car waxes: liquid, paste or spray. This final step will give your car a professional and sleek shine as well as an extra layer of protection for the paint.

Overall Maintenance Check

The beginning of a new season is also a great time to do maintenance checks to ensure your car is in tip-top shape for the upcoming months.

It’s a good idea to inspect your windshield wipers for wear and tear to prepare for those notorious spring showers as well as check the tread and inflation of your tires.

Lastly, warmer weather can significantly impact the chemicals of your car battery so be proactive in testing your battery regularly and replacing it, when necessary.

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