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Recovery Towing & When It’s Necessary

When it comes to towing, many people don’t understand the difference between a light-duty tow or a recovery tow. Recovery towing requires special towing tools and equipment. Vehicles find themselves in all kinds of dangerous situations and need assistance. Here Doug Yates Towing & Recovery details a couple of instances of when recovery towing is necessary.

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Ditches and Ravines

If a vehicle is driving along the road and ends up in a ditch, most likely it is unmovable. Without the ability to return to the road, recovery towing becomes necessary. Do not depend on mid-size trucks to pull other vehicles out or more damage may occur. Using heavy-duty equipment such as a crane and mechanical winch, recovery towing professionals can extract any vehicle and place it safely back on the road, towing it away for repairs as needed.


Mud can be a big problem for heavy-duty trucks. When on smaller roads, mud can make it impossible to move. The best thing to do is to simply call Doug Yates’ Recovery team whose staff knows the best way to recover the truck.

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Under Water

If a vehicle runs off the road and enters a body of water and begins to sink, recovery is necessary. A quick response time can minimize the amount of damage to the body and engine of the submerged vehicle. In most instances underwater cars require strong, weighted towing equipment found only within a professional towing company’s fleet like Doug Yates.


A heavy-duty truck rollover is always very dangerous and requires recovery towing. In most instances roll overs occur due to bad weather, driving mistakes or jackknifing. Once a towing specialist like Doug Yates Towing & Recovery is on the scene they will use the proper crane equipment to recover the truck. The crew must understand the need for swiftness in righting the rig and transporting it for repairs immediately. They also must have the ability to work with authorities on the scene to coordinate cleanup.

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Construction Site

During a construction project, accidents can happen that may halt work. If something collapses on a tractor or an excavator gets stuck, recovery is needed to remove the equipment without prompting additional disasters. An experienced company like Doug Yates understands that careful and instant retrieval is necessary to keep the project running on time.

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Call The Recovery Towing Professionals

From the smallest of passenger cars to the largest trucks on the road. The Doug Yates’ professionally trained staff is the best in the business. We are certified, trained and ready for emergency response to any trouble anywhere. Equipped with state of the art equipment, Doug Yates is a company you can always count on to be there. Call us today for all your recovery towing needs.


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