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Beat the Heat: The Best Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The sun can be harsh during the summer months, especially on our cars. During the hotter Summer months, it is important to add some extra car maintenance and care to ensure your engine stays cool and runs smoothly throughout the summer. Extreme heat is tough on a cars system, and running into car trouble in the summer is very common.

Some common problems for cars in the summertime include:

  • Engine Overheating
  • Battery Drain
  • Low Tire Pressure
  • Broken Air Conditioning
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Tire Blowouts

These issues can be avoided with the proper care and car maintenance. Here are some simple yet effective tips to beat the heat and keep your car in shape this summer.

1. Check The A/C

As those temperatures rise, your air conditioning becomes increasingly important. There is nothing worse than a hot summer day and your car blowing out hot air. If your system isn’t blowing out cold air, you can try recharging the refrigerant to give the system a boost. If this doesn’t work, have a professional check for any problems such as a leak.

2. Monitor Tire Pressure

Hot weather makes tires more susceptible to blowouts, as the heat causes the pressure to fluctuate and the hot pavement is tough on your tires. Check your tire pressure regularly and check for signs of wear and tear. Look for signs of possible over or under-inflation and refer to your owners manual for your cars specific tire pressure range. Doing this regularly will improve fuel efficiency and enhance your cars safety on long summer road trips.

3. Refill Fluids

Engine fluids tend to thin out and evaporate quicker in the summer due to the hot temperatures. As the season changes, look into refilling all your engine fluids.

Here are some fluids to refill as summer approaches:

  • Coolant
  • Motor Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluids
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid

4. Get An Oil Change

The intense heat of the summer breaks down the oil in your car more quickly, so it is important to change your oil regularly. Oil keeps your engine running smoothly and safely, and is necessary to get you safely to your destination. Neglecting to get routine oil changes can lead to further problems down the road and wear down your engine. There are many benefits of consistent oil changes, so following your cars oil maintenance guidelines can be valuable.

5. Check Your Brakes

It is always important to ensure your brakes are working properly, not just in the summer months. Having reliable brakes is a necessity when driving, so check out this list of common red flags to look out for that may indicate your brakes aren’t working properly.

  • Brake warning light is on
  • Brake pads are significantly worn down
  • Pedal is vibrating
  • Screeching sounds
  • High pressure needed to brake

6. Avoid Heat Damage

Our cars are especially prone to UV rays in the summer heat, so protecting our cars from any damage is incredibly important. The hot temperatures can melt any susceptible items left inside your car and even fade the upholstery. The sun can also damage the exterior of your vehicle and chip your paint. Always attempt to park your car in the shade, or use a windshield sunshade to block out the sun. Regularly wash and wax the exterior of your car to protect the paint from damage.

What To Do When Your Car Overheats

Maintaining your car properly and preparing for the heat ahead of time usually keeps you out of trouble, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Regardless of the source of the problem, an overheating engine can be scary.

  1. Turn Off The A/C: Immediately turn off the cold air and crank the heat. You may be tempted to do the opposite, but shutting off the cold air will help pull the heat away from the engine.
  2. Pull Over: Find a safe place to pull over and shut off the car. Allow your engine to cool for at least 15 minutes, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge. In the meantime, call a tow truck or auto repair shop to take a look at your engine. Doug Yates Towing & Recovery is fully equipped to handle an overheated engine, or give you a tow if needed.
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Need Roadside Assistance? Call Us Today!

Taking care of your car and following these tips should keep you out of trouble this summer. However, if you find yourself in need of a towing, roadside service, or auto repair, Doug Yates Towing & Recovery has you covered. Keeping up with your cars maintenance can be difficult in the bustle of the summer, but Doug Yates can quickly assess and create a plan of action for your cars needs and get you safely back on the road in no time. We offer a variety of auto repair services and are available to help near any of our locations in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Jasper, Ringgold, Trenton, and more. Call us today for 24/7 reliable service!

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