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How To Prevent Car Overheating On Summer Road Trips 

Summer is right around the corner and so are those summer road trips! Doug Yates Towing & Recovery hopes that everyone takes advantage of the gorgeous summer weather, hits the road, and finds themselves somewhere in paradise- whether it’s on the beach, lake, hiking or hanging out with good company.  However, we want you to do it safely, so we have compiled a list of things you can do to prevent car overheating on Summer road trips. 

car overheating

Keep Up With Oil Changes

Oil changes are the easiest way to prevent your car from overheating on summer road trips. An Oil change includes removing the old oil filter and oil, and then replacing them with new filters and oil. If oil changes aren’t kept up to date, the oil turns into a sludge-like substance blocking air flow and oil flow. This untreated can result in total engine failure which most times includes an overheated engine. This is a common problem and has caused a lot of delays in road trips! To check your oil, simply open the hood and locate the oil dipstick. Pull the oil dipstick out and determine where the line sits within the two levels marked on the stick. If there is no oil on the stick or the oil rests below the first mark, this is your sign to get your oil changed. If the oil sits at the second mark, you should be okay for a little bit longer. Lastly, if it rests between the two marks, just make note and keep track of it while traveling – or better safe than sorry go ahead and change that oil.

Doug Yates Towing & Recovery will get you in and out quickly! Keeping up with oil changes is the simplest way to prevent your car from overheating.

Routine Maintenance On Cooling & AC Systems

Getting your cooling system inspected and serviced not only prevents your car from overheating, but also helps a lot of other functions in your car work properly. Cooling systems help to improve air quality, energy efficiency and will help ensure a longer life for your car. Some ways to check your cooling system include checking the coolant levels and hose connections. Your AC system also plays a role in preventing your car from overheating. If your cooling system is having problems, utilizing your AC might push the engine to the point of overheating. No one wants a hiccup on their way to a fun trip. Regular maintenance or even just a check up before that big roadtrip will help to prevent your car from overheating. To learn more about the importance of regular vehicle inspections refer to our article, “The Importance of Regular Vehicle Inspection”.

car overheating

Stick To The Shade

Parking your car in the shade is a great way to keep the engine cool and to prevent your car from overheating. Your car sitting in hot direct sunlight is not only heating your car up, but also fades the paint and appearance overtime. When on long stretch road trips, it is smart to park your car in the shade during bathroom/gas breaks as it helps to quickly regulate its engine temperature, giving it a break while you take a break, and preventing it from overheating. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard tells you how hot or cold your car’s engine is and paying attention to this can help you prevent your car from overheating. Monitoring it on long drives can help to dictate when you should pull over and take breaks, which is important for you and your car!

Avoid Extreme Driving Conditions

Lastly, driving in extreme conditions is an easy way to overwork your car’s engine and cause it to overheat. Keep an eye on weather conditions and temperatures. If it’s forecasted to be one of “the hottest days of the year” or just overall unsafe weather, maybe tweak your itinerary so that you are avoiding those peak times of extreme heat or inclement weather. Again, this is good practice to prevent your car from overheating, but also keeps you safe from having to drive in hazardous conditions.

car overheating

Prevent Car Overheating: Call Us Today!

Summer is for road trips and spending time visiting friends and family. Doing these things are simple ways to prevent your car from overheating while on the way to and from whatever it is you find yourself doing. However, things happen and you might still find yourself in need of a tow or roadside assistance. Doug Yates Towing & Recovery will be there for you when that happens, and you will be back on the road in no time! Call us today for all your vehicle’s needs.

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