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Is It Possible To Safely Tow A Lowered Vehicle?

If you are driving a lowered vehicle, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get a towing service to help you in the event of a breakdown. This is a valid concern considering the vehicle’s low suspension and limited movement. Luckily, there are multiple ways to tow a lowered vehicle! 

So, let’s discuss some of the best ways to ensure your lowered vehicle is towed correctly.

The Risks

It is essential to understand how to properly tow lowered vehicles to minimize damage and ensure safe transport.

Lowered vehicles have had their suspension modified to sit lower to the ground. In most cases, car enthusiasts will do this for appearances, but there are a few concerns that follow. Suspension is vital to a vehicle’s function. It affects the friction between your vehicle’s tires and the road. Cutting it may cause early wear and tear on the alignment, steering mobility and braking capability. The distance between your vehicle’s center of gravity and the ground is reduced. This makes it harder to turn, slow and tow.

One of the main risks is the potential damage that can occur to the suspension and alignment of the vehicle. Damage might occur to the inner suspension or alignment when angled during the towing process. This leads to steering/control issues that ultimately usher on expensive repairs or replacements.

Another risk is the potential damage to the body of the vehicle. Lowered vehicles often have aftermarket body kits and other modifications that can easily be damaged during loading and unloading. Using improper towing equipment or techniques can also lead to scratches, dents, and other cosmetic damage.

To minimize the risks and potential damage, consult with a professional towing service before attempting to tow a lowered vehicle. They will have the knowledge and experience to transport it safely. Professionals will use the right equipment and techniques to help to provide a safe and successful transport of a lowered vehicle. Overall, towing a lowered vehicle requires extra care and attention. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks and take the necessary precautions.

How to Tow a Lowered Vehicle

When it comes to the actual act of how you should tow a lowered vehicle, standard methods include using a flatbed tow truck. This allows the vehicle to be loaded onto the truck without needing drive wheels to touch the ground, so the vehicle can be secured to the flatbed without adding extra compression to the suspension. However, before loading it on the truck, professionals typically remove the front and rear bumpers to prevent scraping during the process. 

Professional towing companies also use a dolly or a makeshift ramp. These enable the vehicle to be loaded onto a truck while the drive wheels remain on the ground. However, it’s important that the dolly or ramp is adequately adjusted to the lowered height of the vehicle. Fortunately, most professional towing companies like Doug Yates Towing have trucks with fold down ramps, or ways to elongate them in case they are dealing with a more difficult tow. 

When loading and unloading the vehicle, take extra care to avoid damage to the suspension, alignment, and outer body. The vehicle should be loaded and unloaded at a slow and steady pace, and the operator should be aware of the vehicle’s lowered height and clear any obstacles that may be in the way. Also, use soft straps or other protective materials to secure the vehicle to the dolly and to avoid any damage to the body or suspension.

When transporting the vehicle, avoid sudden movements or sharp turns, as this can cause the suspension to become fully compromised. Check your straps and chains twice before transporting! You want to make sure the vehicle won’t fall or break any suspension components.

Technology in Towing

Need Help Towing Your Lowered Vehicle? Call Us Today!

When dealing with a lowered vehicle, the best way to ensure your vehicle stays safe and secure is by calling Doug Yates Towing & Recovery. We have the experienced advice to help accommodate your towing needs. It’s important to be aware that due to the alignment and suspension they are at high risk for damage during the towing process. In order to minimize the risk of damage, be sure to contact a professional towing company!

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