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How Towing Companies Assist Law Enforcement Services

Have you ever wondered how a towing company arrives so quickly at the scene of a vehicular accident? Well, if you’ve never been privy to an unlucky accident, then it might not be common knowledge that towing companies actually work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and emergency services. The truth is wrecking services are a crucial element of our nation’s highway ecosystem. Understanding how they work behind the scenes with safety services might just give you the upper hand if it ever happens to you.

Law Enforcement & The Rotation List

The way a towing company is brought in after an accident by law enforcement is universally standardized around the country. Basically, it all starts with a pool of authorized towing companies registered with the local police department. When an accident in need of a tow occurs, the officer who arrives on the scene will ask the person connected to the vehicle if they have a favored towing company. This can be a hard question in such a stressful environment, and most people who have not experienced this will not have an answer. If they do not, the officer contacts dispatch so they can request an immediate tow. The dispatcher then looks at a predetermined list of towers and chooses the next one down the line.

It’s as simple as that!

Towing company rotation lists are utilized by law enforcement and emergency services in order to control chaos and confusion on the highways. Before these were implemented, wrecker companies would wait by the police scanner looking to catch an accident right after it happened. This led to congested competition that put the safety of citizens in harm’s way. Additionally, it’s best to leave all emergency services to the professionals. Thus, the rotation list was born and brought real, systematic change.

The last thing you need on your commute through the busy city is cluttered streets.

Rotation lists are alphabetized and totally impartial. This helps to reduce the chances of further accidents, traffic congestion, and dangerous rubber necking that could potentially lead to secondhand accidents. These lists also guarantee whichever wrecker arrives has been accurately vetted and vindicated by the state.

How do Towing Companies get on the Rotation List

If you do not have a preferred wrecker in mind, the officer will defer to the list. But how do they decide which companies are commendable enough? According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol: Towing Service Manual, “only towing companies passing inspection will be placed on the Rotating Schedule Towing List.” Each company must be meticulously authorized by the administration to appear on the list. That way as long as the wrecker is registered with the Department of motor vehicles, and passes the state-certified inspection, they are legally allowed to tow.

After a vehicle owner does not request a specific towing company, only towing companies whose equipment, drivers, procedures, and services conform to the following measures will be utilized:

  1. Must be reputable, reliable, possess adequate equipment, and qualified employees.
  2. Needs to be properly licensed and insured.
  3. Charges a fair, equitable, and reasonable rate for rendered services.

These preliminaries all come straight from the Tennessee Highway Patrol: Service Manual.

Once qualified, towing companies must submit an application for inclusion in the Rotating Schedule Towing List. By submitting, each company agrees and understands that the policies, procedures, and standards within the manual will strictly govern its initial and continuing inclusion on the list. This is all voluntary, and a towing company can remove its name at any point.

The manual also states that any company, owner, employee, or towing vehicle may be immediately removed from the Rotating Schedule Towing List by the law enforcement District Captain for non-compliance with the previously stated requirements. Captains are required to do yearly inspections. Each of the companies must ensure that they are reliable enough to be called on in case of an emergency. Also, towing companies that have any record of criminal activity will not be permitted to join the Rotating Schedule Towing List.

towing companies

WHo should you call in an emergency?

If the unfortunate ever does happen, you need to know who to call. Although each towing company on the rotation list has been vetted by the county police, having a wrecker who you trust in your back pocket can put ease into an already stressful situation.

So, when the law enforcement officer approaches you and asks. “Do you have a preferred towing company in mind to haul away the wrecked vehicle?”

Instead of having nothing to say, give Doug Yates Towing & Recovery a call.

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Customer satisfaction is always our number one goal and take pride in our work from start to finish. From the moment you call us up until your vehicle is safely transported back home, we are dedicated to creating a stress-free and hassle-free experience from start to finish. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee for all our services!

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