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Halloween Driving Safety: Look Out For Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween is this weekend! That means an abundance of people walking the streets and copious amounts of candy and sugar. Trick-or-treating is a great time for families and friends and it can be a lot of fun. But it also means that a lot of people are walking around on the streets and running to and from houses. It’s super important to drive very safely on Halloween. Here, Doug Yates Towing & Recovery discusses Halloween driving safety and a few tips to keep everyone safe this spooky season.

Halloween driving safety tips For 2022

1. Drive Slowly

Driving slower in neighborhoods is always an important tip but especially during Halloween. Since streets and downtown areas are flooded with children and sugar, a kid is likely to run into your path. Slow down and be very cautious of kids on bikes and walking from house to house.

2. Be alert

Kids are super excited about Halloween. Be alert and prepared for unexpected children in costumes crossing the street and keep your attention on your surroundings. Watch for kids crossing the street at unexpected places.

3. Be careful backing out and pulling into driveways

Since kids will run from house to house, driveways become very busy. Kids have their eyes are on the next house that they want to hit for trick-or-treating. It might be hard to see them if you have a bigger car, so take extra care to go slowly, look carefully, and watch for running, costumed children.

4.  Put Your Cellphone Away

If you are driving in general it’s always important to not use your cellular device. During Halloween, it’s even more important. Unless you are completely stopped, refrain from pulling out your cell phone. Phones or the radio can be a distraction and may distract you from a child running out in front of you. Be cautious and wait till you are home or stopped completely before using your mobile device.

5. Loading & Unloading Of Passengers

The best way to think of this is like a school bus. Whenever you see a car stop or have its flashing lights on, be extra cautious. Children might be jumping out of a car or crossing the street to run to another house. Their mind is on the candy and not their surroundings. Come to a complete stop or idle slowly to avoid an accident.

6.  Use Your lights

Seeing what is in front of you is the most important thing. Even before the sun sets, be sure to utilize your headlights and your hazards. Kids running throughout the streets will notice a car with lights on before one without during dusk. Utilize your lights and stay alert.

7.  Keep your radio turned down and roll down your windows

This tip is so you can be more aware of your surroundings. The more you can hear the outdoors and kids running or talking, the more likely you are to see them before they bolt out in front of you. Minimize your distractions this season and stay alert.

8.  Does Your costume Interfere With Your Driving?

Your costume can cause an accident if it is interfering with your normal driving patterns. Does your mask impair your view? Does your costume’s footing push the pedals abnormally? If any of these is a yes, then rethink your costume or remove it while driving. Don’t let your costume cause an accident this season. Be smart and alert this Halloween.

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