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Important Spring Car Maintenance Tips To Consider

As the weather is warming up, and your Car Maintenance spring cleaning is being accomplished, make sure you don’t neglect one very important thing: your car maintenance! Today, Doug Yates Towing & Recovery will share with you car maintenance tips for this spring. As the weather is getting warmer, you may decide to hit the road for a quick vacation. It is essential to follow these tips in order to prevent any vehicle issues while you are driving.

Car Wash

Starting off simple, it is probably time to give your car a good wash! When you are on the road, your car can seem to attract bird droppings, dirt, bugs, and more. This will all build up over time, leading to a dirty vehicle.

Not only will this tip leave you with a shiny, clean car but also helps you maintain your car’s resale value. This is an easy car maintenance tip to help you prepare for the future in case you join the market for a new car one day. Also, don’t forget to clean the inside while you are at it! This tip will help you feel good about driving it and encourage you to take care of your vehicle.

Have Your Brakes Checked

Are you driving in heavy traffic areas often? Or you just frequently have to slam on brakes? It is recommended to have your brakes checked every six months for this reason. This estimate of time varies due to your environment, driving habits and of course your car itself. Without getting your brakes checked, they will begin to wear down or cause other problems.

A few signs that you need to take your car to have its brakes checked is if you are having to press harder in order to stop your car. Another is if you notice that your car pulls slightly to one side whenever you brake.

Any sort of vibrating feeling if you brake, especially going downhill, is another sign of needing your brakes looked at. Another issue is if you hear any unusual noise occur when you brake, this may sound like metal hitting against something else, because that is what is happening! You need to quickly get your car maintenance in order to solve any worse damages.

If you are on the road as an issue occurs near Chattanooga, we are here to help provide towing. Along with the topic of brakes, make sure you are inspecting your brake fluid. If you notice that the level is low, there is a chance you may have a leak. A dark color fluid can indicate it is contaminated. This can quickly be resolved by bringing it in and washed out/replaced.

Check your windshield wipers

Although windshield wipers are not very big, they sure are important when you need them. This maintenance tip is essential for any road-trip plans! You never know it is going to start raining, so make sure your wipers are ready for any weather. If you notice any tear in your wiper, don’t let the problem linger. This will only lead to the tear getting worse, along with your visibility while driving getting worse too. Windshield wipers can easily be replaced once you bring your car in!

Check your fluids

One important spring maintenance tip, and vehicle tip in general, is to always check your fluids. Pop open your hood and give a good glance to things like mentioned earlier: your brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. You can quickly spot a leak in one of these fluids by the color of the leak on the ground. This will simplify the process for a mechanic to fix it.

According to Allstate, coolant seems to be the easiest leak to identity. This is because of its extremely bright colors. Coolant manufacturers do this on purpose to make it easier for you to know if your coolant is leaking. A leak may be lime-green, pink, blueish green or orange. Once you spot the leak after moving your car, be sure to tend to the problem as soon as possible, or else it will begin to affect the way your car drives.

Light Test

You don’t want to drive somewhere with no brake lights or headlights. This could lead to a police officer issuing you a ticket, or worst-case scenario, getting into a car accident. This can be easily preventable by testing all of your lights. Make sure every bulb is working properly and shining as it should. Even if your bulb is working well, consider cleaning the light lenses so that your car will shine extra bright. Use a clean rag and apply toothpaste or baking soda to get an effective clean to your lens.

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Need A Tow?

If your car ever breaks down while you are on the road and you are in need of a towing service, call us for help! We want you to be prepared, and safe as you take your spring road trips, and that’s why we’re always ready to help you out when you need us. Doug Yates Towing & Recovery is located in the city limits of Chattanooga, one of Tennessee’s most vibrant business communities.

Since 1946 it has been the company’s mission to conduct business with integrity and professionalism in all phases of day-to-day services. We offer 24/7 towing and recovery services for all motorists and vehicle types. Our team of tow truck technicians will help get your vehicle wherever it needs to be safely and securely. You can count on us for all your towing & recovery needs. Give us a call today!

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